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Nestlé Vietnam Co., Ltd.: Realizing commitments on environmental protection and sustainable development


     Nestlé Vietnam, Top 10 Vietnam Sustainable Enterprises, continues to affirm its commitment to the implementation of environmental protection and sustainable development goals launched by the Prime Minister and the Nestlé Group. At the same time, Nestlé Vietnam is also a pioneer in realizing a series of initiatives as well as cooperating with enterprises in response to the "Month of Action for the Environment”. On this occasion, the Vietnam Environment Administration Magazine (VEM) had a conversation with Mr. Ganesan Ampalavanar - General Director of Nestlé Vietnam Co., Ltd. on the implementation of initiatives on plastic waste reduction and environmental protection.

     VEM: Could you please tell us the reason why the Company participated in responding to the movement of Anti-plastic waste and environmental protection launched by the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE)?

     Mr. Ganesan:  Today, climate change and environmental pollution are more urgent than ever, especially the problems of plastic waste. We all realize that plastic waste is a complex problem that cannot be solved by an individual or an organization, but it requires a synchronized solution with the long-term participation and commitment to implementation by all agencies, organizations and individuals. This is also evident in the National Strategy on Environmental Protection to 2020, with a vision to 2030, in which the Government has set out policies to socialize environmental protection, thereby calling upon organizations and individuals to participate, contribute initiatives and take practical actions.


Mr. Ganesan - General Director of Nestlé Vietnam


     From Nestlé Group, we have made a commitment to recycle and reuse 100% of product packaging by 2025 globally. To realize this commitment, Nestlé Vietnam has cooperated with enterprises in the industry, social organizations, as well as cooperating with Government agencies to implement many initiatives and organize many activities recommended by the movement of Anti-plastic waste and environmental protection.

     VEM: To fulfill this commitment, what is your solution to the goal of recycling and reusing product packaging without discharging solid waste into the environment?

     Mr. Ganesan: To realize the aforementioned goal, Nestlé implements a series of initiatives, through cooperative activities, in collaboration with many Government’s environmental organizations in various fields, specifically: The Company shall pioneer cooperation with enterprises in the field of consumer goods and packaging to sign the Packaging Recycling Organization Vietnam - PRO Vietnam with the desire to contribute to a green, clean and beautiful Vietnam and promote the circular economy model through making product packaging collection and recycling process done in a more accessible and sustainable manner. To join the Alliance to End Plastic Waste organized by the MONRE with the direction of the Prime Minister with the commitment that 100% of waste from the factory is collected and classified at source; 100% of factories do not discharge solid waste into the environment.

     On the occasion of responding to the World Environment Day and the Vietnam Sea and Islands Week 2019, the Company participated in the program of awareness raising and supporting to equip waste separation bins at source for people in Bạc Liêu Province organized by the MONRE; Cooperating with Dong Nai Department of Natural Resources and Environment to plant trees for the environment; Joining the Waste Recycling Festival as an annual activity.

     Since 2018, Nestlé Vietnam has been accompanying with the social enterprise mGreen to implement the initiative of “Waste Sorting and Recycling" at residential buildings and schools in Vinhomes Central Park urban area, Bình Thạnh District, Hồ Chí Minh City in order to develop a habit of separating waste at source for people and pupils to support the collection and treatment of recyclable waste.


The representative of Nestlé Vietnam donates trash bins to people in Bạc Liêu Province


     In the summer of 2019, the Company launched the program "Spread the summer joy with Nestlé” in order to raise consumers' awareness and call for people to keep the environment clean, beautiful and put waste in the right place, which was implemented in a series of public places in 19 provinces/cities across the country with more than 13,000 bottles of used products being collected.

     For Nestlé Vietnam, the above activities and objectives of environmental protection are carried out consistently and synchronously in all localities where the Company has production and business activities. In addition, the Company continually organizes activities to contribute to raising employees' awareness of plastic waste. One of the typical activities is Nestlé Cares, a volunteer activity to clean the beach held on June 9, 2019. In a day, more than 300 employees of Nestlé Vietnam cleaned the beach in Phước Hải Town, Bà Rịa - Vũng Tàu Province, more than 1,1 tons of all kinds of garbage was collected and transported to the centralized waste treatment area.

     VEM: It is known that since 2018, Nestlé Vietnam, together with mGreen, has just launched the program of "Waste Sorting and Recycling" in residential buildings and schools in urban areas. This is an initiative of a series of activities aimed at raising awareness and changing behaviors that contribute to protecting the environment and the planet. So how does this work now?

     Mr. Ganesan: Within this Project, Nestlé Vietnam continues to accompany mGreen to implement the project at the Vinschool Central Park Primary and Secondary Schools. In the first 6 months of 2019, the project, in collaboration with the schools and students, has sorted and collected more than 2,2 tons of waste of all types in the schools. In addition, the Project also established an Environment Ambassador Club of students who are the key to propagate about environmental protection in all classes. It is expected that this year we will expand the project at some primary and secondary schools in Bình Thạnh District, Hồ Chí Minh City, attracting the participation of more than 3.500 students. Our goal and priority is to strengthen the connection with the schools and parents to spread the message and join hands in environmental protection.

     VEM: In order to effectively implement the commitment on anti-plastic waste and environmental protection in the long-term for the future, what are your recommendations and proposals to the authorities?

     Mr. Ganesan: We persist in implementing initiatives to realize the goal of 100% recycling and reuse of product packaging by 2025 that the Nestlé Group has set.  In addition, Nestlé Vietnam is also a pioneer in applying the circular economy model, an economic model in which the design, production and service activities set out the goal to extend the life of materials and eliminate negative environmental impacts throughout its operations. As a result, Nestlé Vietnam has been honored to be voted in the Top 10 Vietnam Sustainable Enterprises.

     In order to effectively implement the commitment on anti-plastic waste in the long-term, we believe that it is necessary to promote and expand the circular economy model. At the same time, the Government and related parties need to pay more attention to developing an packaging collecting and recycling ecosystem, aiming to minimize the amount of packaging discharged into the environment as well as to have appropriate mechanisms and policies in encouraging consumers and enterprises to have initiatives and actively contribute to the anti-plastic waste activities in particular and environmental protection in general.

     VEM: As a big brand in the world with more than 150 years of operation, how does Nestlé share experiences and contribute to the sustainable development of Việt Nam?

     Mr. Ganesan: Last July, Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Võ Tuấn Nhân had a meeting and worked with Nestlé Vietnam.  In addition to sharing on initiatives and achievements, we are committed to continuing to share practical experiences and enhance support for advocacy activities on environmental protection, towards the sustainable development and the up-coming "National Conference on Solid Waste Management” chaired by the Prime Minister.

     VEM: Thank you very much!


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