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Thứ Ba, ngày 16/07/2024


Environment Magazine (VEM) is a press agency of Vietnam Environment Administration, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. Its mandate is disseminating the Party’s environmental directions and State legislations. It provides a forum for exchanging experience in environmental management and sharing information, research results, environmental protection models and technologies, toward sustainable development in Vietnam.

   Besides news and publications in Vietnamese, VEM has English version as well. New frequently updates important policies of ministries and departments, information related to environment field in domestic and international areas, also urgent global issues. Editions collects thematics in English version to introduce important policies and legal documents, environment achievements as well as highlight effective cooperation and support by international organizations, also successfully applied models and experiences in environment protection and management of some countries in the world. It is external information channels of Vietnam Environment Administration published to embassies, international organizations, FDI and joint enterprises, NGOs and other readers nationwide as well.

   Since the first issue in 2011, VEM has recently 3 volumes of English thematics per year with the main categories such as: Law & PolicyGreen Solutions & Technology, Green development disseminate Party directions and State policies on environment, introduce models of solutions, technology applications, practical experience in management and protection of domestic and international environment; Green cooperation provides experiences in cooperation of Vietnam and other countries or international organizations in sustainable environmental management and protection; Nature & Environment of Vietnam introduces natural landscapes, beautiful spots, Ramsar sites, national parks, ecotourism destinations and biodiversity in Vietnam.

   It is great honor for VEM to introduce English issues over the years to you. We look forward to receiving your recommendations and cooperation.