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Tây Ninh expands Lò Gò - Xa Mát National Park


     The Province of Tây Ninh is asking for relevant authority’s approval to merge Chàng Riệc cultural-historic forest with Lò Gò - Xa Mát National Park. The merger aims to improve the value and influence of the Lò Gò - Xa Mát National Park in bio-diversity protection, natural resource development and promotion of national special cultural-historic relic sites in the locality. The merger is expected to promote the preservation and restoration of the local national special relic sites.


Lò Gò - Xa Mát National Park


     Along with facilitating management and restructuring of the forestry sector and focusing resources for the sustainable development of Lò Gò - Xa Mát National Park, the move also aims to help improve livelihood for rural and border communities. Lò Gò - Xa Mát National Park has a total area of 19,210 hectares, spanning over Tân Bình, Hòa Hiệp, Thạnh Tây and Thạnh Bình communes in Tân Biên District. Meanwhile, the 10,812 - hectare Chàng Riệc cultural-historic forest lies in Tân Lập and Thạnh Bắc communes in the same district. 


Bình Minh (VOV source)



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