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ASEAN and EU launch 40th anniversary of partnership Commit to new programmes on environment


   In the framework of the annual review of European Union and ASEAN cooperation, known as the Joint Cooperation Committee (JCC), the EU and ASEAN marked the beginning of a year dedicated to the 40th anniversary of their dialogue relations with the start of new cooperation programmes and a youth photo exhibition. The event highlighted the recent signature of two new EU-ASEAN programmes on sustainable use of peatlands and haze mitigation, as well as biodiversity conservation in ASEAN. At the same occasion, an award was handed over to the Indonesian winner of an EU-ASEAN Youth Photo Competition.

Join hands to protect the environment

   The two new programmes on sustainable use of peatlands and biodiversity conservation further signify and strengthen the long-standing relationship between ASEAN and EU. They reflect the shared goals and commitment of ASEAN and EU in environmental protection and sustainable development, said Secretary-General Minh.

   Ambassador Fontan said: It is a pleasure for me to launch the 40th anniversary of the EU-ASEAN partnership, which has promoted strong political, economic and social cooperation. Throughout this year, numerous events and activities will mark our anniversary. Today, I am glad to highlight some important aspects of our joint successful work: we are starting two new ambitious programmes aimed at protecting the environment and supporting the fight against climate change in ASEAN.

   With a budget of EUR 20 million, the Sustainable Use of Peatland and Haze Mitigation in ASEAN (SUPA|2016-2019) programme aims to promote the sustainable management of peatlands in the ASEAN region and fight against transboundary haze pollution through collective actions, and sustain local livelihoods, and reduce the risk of fire and associated haze, which all contribute to global environmental management. It also contributes to the mitigation of carbon emissions from carbon-rich peatland areas, in addition to conservation of the unique peatland ecosystems biodiversity, which hosts highly endangered flora and fauna.

   The second programme, Biodiversity Conservation and Management of Protected Areas in ASEAN (BCAMP|2016-2021), with EUR 10 million EU budget contribution, aims to enhance the conservation of biodiversity and effective management of protected areas in the ASEAN region. It will target the network of existing and potential ASEAN Heritage Parks to reduce biodiversity loss. The programme will be implemented in close coordination with the EU Delegation in Manila and the ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity (ACB) in Los Banos, the Philippines.

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