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First-class Labor Medal awarded to FrieslandCampina Việt Nam


     On 4th August, 2016, FrieslandCampina Việt Nam (FCV) was awarded the first-class Labor Medal by the State President for remarkable contributions to the Việt Nam over the past 20 years.


First- class Labor Medal granting Ceremony



     Since its first days in Việt Nam, the Company always stuck to the motto: "Building health foundation, connecting family members". The Company has launched over one billion high-quality dairy products of Dutch Lady, Friso and Yomost brands onto local market a year and contributed to nutrition care for Vietnamese people at all ages.

     FCV has always made great efforts to create environmentally-friendly products. Accordingly, FCV's factories in two province Bình Dương and Hà Nam are invested with the most advance technology, automated management system, completed sewage treatment system, saving-energy measures and using clean energy sources to protect environment.

     FCV strives for climate-neutral growth and wants to contribute towards Việt Nam’s green future. FCV addresses environmental factors in the supply chain and aim to reduce environmental impact such as CO2 emissions, water usage, and water wastage. In Việt Nam, FCV has reduced energy usage by 15%, water usage by 25% and CO2 emissions by 40 % compared to 2010.

     FCV is working on the innovation-driven creation of greater sustainability in both production chains and dairy farming.

     The firm’s sustainable Dairy Development Program (DDP) has effectively supported the agricultural sector, rural areas and the economy with the participation of over 4,000 households.

     Other programs such as offering cows to help poor farmers have greatly contributed to the society through the Cow Bank Project founded by Việt Nam Red Cross Society. Since 2012, it has donated 240 cows to the project. The first cows donated to the north have given birth to calves which have been transferred to other needy farming households.

     After 20 years in Việt Nam, FCV has become a company that grows and develops an ever growing family of employees, salesmen and farmers; over 8,000 members in size and a company that supports Việt Nam with meaningful programs.

     The Dutch Lady brand’s "Den don dom" (Firefly Lantern) social program to keep poor children from dropping out of school by giving scholarships to over 25,000 students has constructed 20 new schools in rural areas to create a better learning and teaching environment for children and teachers across the country.

     Partnership with Jr. NBA, an international youth development program of the National Basketball Association (NBA), FCV aims to promote basketball and an active lifestyle among children, over 10,000 students at more than 400 schools across the country have benefited from physical exercises and nutrition care.

     FCV General Director Arnoud van den Berg said: "The first-class Labor Medal was given to FCV for combining its business and sustainable development activities, guaranteeing that business growth goes in line with environmental protection and corporate social responsibility".


The Board of Directors from FVC Company at the Labor Medal Award Ceremony


     The first- class Labor Medal is a strong motivation for the Company to strengthen its commitment to economic development of Việt Nam, provide better nutritional products for local consumers, and improve the living standards of local people".


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