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TOA Paint focuses on environment protection, product quality for environment safety and public health


   TOA Paint Company in Việt Nam not only focuses on business, but also offers Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) through social welfare programmes and environment protection, TOA Paint Vietnam Manufacturing Plant Director Phạm Thế Kiệt said.  He spoke to  Environment Magazine on the sidelines of a ceremony held to present the Green Brand Award to 50 enterprises from across the country that achieved green growth in 2015.

Mr. Phạm Thế Kiệt - Director of the Production Plant of TOA Paint Company of Việt Nam

   What measures have your Company applied to develop a sustainable business strategy after entering Việt Nam in 1995?

   Mr. Phạm Thế Kiệt: The Company was founded by TOA Paint Corporation in 1995. This is a premium brand in Thailand in the field of decorative paints. The first factory was launched in 1998 and in 2006, the Company invested in expanding a new manufacturing plant in Tân Đông Hiệp A industrial zone in Dĩ An district, Bình Dương province. The new Plant is fully equipped with an automated paint production line to produce decorative, industrial, car and wood paints and chemicals for construction.

   In the Vietnamese market, TOA Paint Corporation has focused on building a sustainable business strategy, raising product quality and limiting impacts on environment. To that end, TOA Paint Corporation applied hybrid nano technology in TOA nanoshield paint production (super premium grade paint) in 2008. With nano technology, users can easily clean the surface. In 2009, after the success of the nano paint, the Company launched a premium interior paint known as TOA NanoClean and increased investment capital to expand its warehouse in Hà Nội.

   To bring high-quality products that are adapted to the weather conditions in Việt Nam, the Company manufactured NanoShield Sunblock and NanoClean from 2010 to 2012, especially TOA Ecocare, a green technology that restricts the use of organic compounds in paint, helps to protect the environment and avoids the harmful effects of carcinogenic elements. In 2013, the Company launched TOA 4 Seasons, which is durable and fungus-resistant, with no added lead or mercury. All products manufactured by TOA Paint Company have achieved customer satisfaction.

   Being a company that makes paint, which poses a high risk of environmental pollution, what does your firm do to protect the environment during the manufacturing process?

   Mr. Phạm Thế Kiệt: Paint production relates to the chemical industry. We always pay great attention to environment issues. Apart from continuously improving product quality, seeking clean solutions and clean production and environment-friendly technology, the Company has invested 5 billion VND in building an advanced wastewater treatment system. In addition, the Company is fully complying with environmental protection and fire safety policies and regulations, both domestic and international. At the same time, the Company has also sent technicians to participate in training courses on fighting and preventing fires, chemical safety and environment incidents. Over the years, the Company has got environmental management systems standard certificates for quality management such as ISO 9001, ISO 14000, ISO 5000 and OHSAS 18001 for occupational health.

   Thanks to its relentless efforts and contributions to the community, TOA Vietnam Paint Company has been recognised by consumers and has received many awards, such as “Top 10 famous brands for sustainable development in Asean”, “Top Ten Brands in Việt Nam”, the business confidence index (BCI) and Trusted Brand Index 2015, besides certification for Sustainable Development Business 2015 and Top 50 Green Brands, chosen by customers.

An agreement was signed at a ceremony between the Company and ChildFund Vietnam to provide paint via the “Paint Happiness and Draw Love” Programme


    To maintain sustainable development, apart from environmental protection, how does the Company implement social responsibility?

   Mr. Phạm Thế Kiệt: The Company’s criteria are to see the value of community first, besides making efforts to bring consumers high-quality products that are safe for human health. The Company has also set aside a part of its benefits for volunteer activities. It has implemented many social welfare projects and charity programmes, and built cosy houses and schools for the poor in Bình Dương province and Cửu Long Mekong Delta region.

   Over the last two years, the Company’s two products, known as “Duck” and “Homecote”, have become ambassadors of a charitable programme called “Love Spring,” which has raised hundreds of millions of dong, bringing joy to the community. In 2015, the Company implemented various social programmes such as providing paints to ChildFund Vietnam in a “Paint Happiness and Draw Love” programme. The programme has provided 71,5000 litres of paint, worth 3 billion VND, for the painting of buildings such as primary schools and hospitals for children. So, TOA Paint Company has been recognised and trusted by consumers. Carrying the message of “We Paint Happiness,” TOA Paint Company will always strive to bring love to all Vietnamese people in the country.

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