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Nature as source of life


   Environmentally - friendly tourism has been favoured in developed countries and paid attention by tourism companies in Việt Nam. Linked with the ideology - nature as source of life, Mai Châu Ecolodge resort (Hòa Bình province) is not only a new product, but also a contribution to diversify tourism products in Mai Châu and bring a new and interesting experience for tourists to this area.

Peaceful scenery of Mai Châu Ecolodge

   To develop a resort which can meet nature harmony criteria and minimize impacts on the environment, experts have studied and surveyed to maximum use local materials to honour the specific beauty of the resort. Mai Châu Ecolodge use “cây lội” (a forest tree) to decorate and construct details in the guest rooms. This tree is usually used by the ethnic minorities to make the lining under the tilt house roof, which have the ability to prevent termites without using chemicals that cause negative impacts on the environment. Gardens in the resort are paved with stones and rocks that are found in rivers and springs in the region, which ensures aesthetic values and creates typical features and environmentally - friendly feelings.Wall bricks in guest rooms come from by - products ofthe mountain demolition for roads in order to reduce costs…

   The outdoor lighting system in Mai Châu Ecolodge uses solar energy, electricity accumulation during the day and lighting in the night. Lighting system and hot water tanks in guest rooms also use solar energy. Water supply to Mai Châu Ecolodge is an interesting story. To find natural water source in this high mountain is not easy as Pòm Pu hill where the resort is located has no groundwater basin. However, after many surveys and drillings, finally the clean water for the resort is supplied from a natural well under a limestone mountain foot, 1,000 m away from the resort. Domestic wastewater from the resort is also strictly treated and controlled before discharging to the environment. Fuels for cooking meals in the resort are biological gas which do not cause environmental pollution and make usage of available materials in the area.

   Strictly following principles of sustainable tourism, Mai Châu Ecolodge does not only pay attention to environmental protection but also take into consideration of conservation and promotion of traditional cultures of ethnic minorities. From tiniest things such as free provision of ethnic minority clothes upon request or organizing cultural and traditional art performance in the evenings… Mai Châu Ecolodge is contributing to maintain and propagate traditional cultural beauty to domestic and international tourists.

   With the development of local tourism, Mai Châu Ecolodge has created jobs for more than 60 people, while enhances awareness and skills on environmentally friendly tourism, through which to propagate home stay tourism (stay, eat with local people). In addition, Mai Châu Ecolodge regularly organizes charity activities such as scholarships for difficult students, supports for poor students to overcome difficulty in mountainous districts and ethnic minority areas; organises “Mai Châu Clean Day” to encourage tourists to participate in environmental protection...

   Isolated from Mai Châu town which is towards the urbanisation pathway, Mai Châu Ecolodge resort is constructed on Pòm Pu hill - a prime location for tourists to have a spectacular view of splendid mountains and romantic Mai Châu valley. From a distance, Mai Châu Ecolodge is like a Thai ethnic minority village nestled in pristine grass, trees and leaves, with layers of palm roofing tilt houses in harmony between ethnic minority architectural tradition with modern features and amenities of a luxury resort.

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