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Bãi Xép - the hidden gem of Asia


     There are various reasons why Bãi Xép (Area 1, Ghềnh Ráng Ward, An Chấn Commune, Tuy An District, Quy Nhơn City, Bình Định Province) is considered as one of the 16 "hidden gems" of Asia by Business Insider. The traditional small fishing village nestled on the mountain, by the sea, with the ocean waves all day and night. The special thing about Bai Xep is the two black stone cliffs covering the two ends of the beach with unique shapes, adding some sharpness to the softness of the ocean. Along with the green grass and giant cactus dusts, the stunning scenery is a pure picture of wild nature.

     For the perfect view of Bãi Xép, tourists need to walk 20 minutes to Gành Ông.  You can see a breathtaking beach and a seashore where thousands of dark stones create a song together with the ocean waves. 

View of Bãi Xép (Quy Nhơn City, Bình Định Province) from above
     At Bãi Xép, people prefer taking the romantic pictures and relaxing in peace here by walking or swimming. This is also considered as the ideal teambuilding place for groups of friends, family, company. The dark stones on the right looks like a flat hill, which is suitable for watching sunrise or sunset. Visitors can also choose Sao Viet resort (6km away from the beach) for free trams to Bãi Xép every day.
     There are some homestay/guesthouses near Bãi Xép such as: Haven, Big Tree, Love's a Beach..., accommodates over 100 guests, with a small number of luxurious rooms ranging from 700.000 to 1.000.000VND/day. Dorm is also a good choice with 180,000 VND/person/day; catering, drinks, motorbike rental are always available...

     Travelling to Bãi Xép, visitors cannot miss to discover the special cuisine of Phú Yên including squid hotpot, oyster soup, grilled oysters, ocean tuna, tuna stomach salad, stewed tuna’s eyes with Chinese herbs, fresh tuna rolls with mustard, fish curry... There are many other interesting places that visitors can visit on the way to Bãi Xép such as Long Thủy beach, Yến island, Pagoda island, Ô Loan lagoon, Đá Đĩa reef... At each destination, you will be amazed at its beauty and diversity. Therefore, Phú Yên never fails to impress thousands of tourists every year.


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(Source: Vietnam Environment Administration Magazine, English Edition III - 2019)


The road to Bãi Xép is quite easy to follow: From Tuy An District, visitors follow National Highway No.1 for about 17km to the South. If traveling from Tuy Hòa City, visitors should follow Highway No. 1 for about 12 km to the North. When arriving at the Sao Việt junction, go through the fishing villages and the fields and you will be at Bãi Xép at the end of the road. 





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