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Thứ Hai, ngày 02/10/2023

Việt Nam promotes renewable energy use


     According to a German magazine specializing in climate change and energy transition, on March 28, Việt Nam is planning a drastic turnaround in energy policy, focusing on renewable energy.



     The magazine noted that from now to 2020, Vietnam will raise solar power capacity to 850 MW and increase wind power capacity to at least 800 MW. Currently, the share of the 2 power sources plays no significant roles in Việt Nam, where more than 93% of the electricity output is produced from fossil and hydropower sources. However, the average solar radiation to produce electricity in Vietnam is about 4 times as large as in Germany, said the magazine.

     Based on the magazine’s recognition, Vietnam is one of the new "tigers" in Asia, with high rate of annual economic growth with the annual energy production increasing more than tenfold from 1990 - 2014,  the greenhouse exhaust fumes per capita in Vietnam rising to an average of 1.7 tonnes of CO2 per year.


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