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Chủ Nhật, ngày 03/03/2024

Sustainable management of Bac Lieu bird sanctuary


Bac Lieu Bird Sanctuary is one of the areas listed in the list of wetlands in Asia.  The bird sanctuary has a diversified and rich ecosystem and is recognized as the National Nature Reserve. It has 181 species of vascular plants of which 23 species represent for mangrove forest, 16 species represent for mangrove forest of Mekong Delta. It also is a source of organic nutrients including nitrogen, phosphorus for aquatic life in the canals in the bird sanctuary. The natural mangrove ecosystem and wild landscapes are attractive for tourism development in the region. To boost the sustainable management of the sanctuary, Bac Lieu People’s Committee in collaboration with GIZ (German International Cooperation) organized a seminar on "Sustainable Management of Bac Lieu Bird Sanctuary”. Dr Vu Ngoc Long, head of the Southern Institute of Ecology, stressed the need to map out a plan on land use and management while preventing the encroachment of the sanctuary’s core zone for industrialization and modernization.                                                      Monre (English edition I-2013-VEM)
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