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Strengthening cooperation between JICA and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to respond to climate change


Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Nguyen Minh Quang awarded a medal for the Tsuno Motonori        At the meeting receiving Mr. Tsuno Motonori - Representative of JICA in Vietnam on 22/5, the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Nguyen Minh Quang expressed his appreciation for the fruitful cooperation of JICA in Vietnam.  Minister Nguyen Minh Quang said the two countries were going to sign a memorandum of cooperation on the field of environment. Particularly, with regard to the issue of climate change in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam longs for the support of JICA in the mangrove reforestation a and sewer projects. Toward the spirit of the Resolution "Actively respond to climate change, strengthen resources management and environmental protection" adopted by the Party Central Committee's 7th conference, Minister recommended JICA focus on funds for climate change. On the other hand, Trans-ministries Circular of Natural Resources among the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Planning and Investment was signed, clearly defining the responsibilities of each ministry, facilitating the implementation of JICA in support program to respond to climate change (SPRCC).      In the upcoming time, Mr.Tsuno Motonori’s term in Vietnam will terminate. On showing gratitude for his devotion in the past time in Vietnam, Minister Nguyen Minh Quang presented Mr.Tsuno Motonori with flowers and a medal for his career for the environment. Mr.Nguyen Minh Quang hoped that his successor will join Vietnam toese people cope with climate change, protection the environment towards a green economy.                        Monre (English edition I-2013-VEM)
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