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Thứ Năm, ngày 18/08/2022

Greece's economic problems linked to its coal-based energy policies


     As Greece prepares for its referendum, it is taken to task for its highly polluting lignite power sector, its ditching of a successful  solar program in favour of more coal, the minimal insulation in its buildings that locks in high fuel bills, and Syriza's failure to tackle these issues. Greece's latest €1.4bn coal project looks like going unfunded.      Instead of phasing out lignite Greece opted to engage in a long battle to preserve the ailing industry while putting an abrupt end to solar energy development by blocking new applications.          Greece stands on the precipice of a great unknown, and what is decided in Sunday's referendum and in the weeks to come will have wide-reaching ramifications - not least on the country's fragile energy economy.      In the years since the global financial crisis, Greek energy - like most of Greek society - has been in a state of flux. A series of missed opportunities and poor decisions have left it in deep trouble. So here's the story of Greece's post-crisis energy crisis; the rise and fall of solar PV; the rise and fall of energy efficiency; the rise and fall of lignite.   Sơn Tùng  
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