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Thứ Sáu, ngày 12/08/2022

Europe: Warming climate impacts wild boar


     Increasingly mild winters have caused an abundance of acorns and beech nuts in Europe's woodlands, triggering a wild boar population explosion - just one of the effects of warming climate on wildlife populations. Such as, wild boar populations in Europe are getting out of control - and scientists are blaming climate change.          There are now millions of wild boar spreading out from their preferred woodland habitat, moving into city suburbs, and even crossing national boundaries to countries that had thought they were extinct.      In some countries, notably France and Germany, which have always had wild boar populations in their forests, they are a major cause of road accidents.      France has an estimated two million boar, and the German state of Hesse alone has 180,000. Berlin, the German capital, is erecting boar fencing around its borders in an attempt to keep the animals out of the city.   Trung Thảo
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