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Thứ Tư, ngày 10/08/2022

Bank lends on clean water project


    Signatories were the State Bank of Viet Nam (SBV) and the Asian Development Bank (ADB). The first loan agreement, worth $212 million, will be spent on supplying piped water to nearly 500,000 poor households in the provinces of Binh Duong, Dak Lak, Quang Tri and Thua Thien - Hue, and the cities of Da Nang and Hai Phong.      The second loan and grant agreement, including a $25 million loan from the ADB and a grant of $12 million from the Australian Agency for International Development, will be used on improving the quality of roads and traffic safety, and reducing the risks of HIV and human trafficking along the southern coastal route to Cambodia.      Funds will also be made available to improve construction quality and plug finance gaps of the Greater Mekong Sub-region Southern Coastal Corridor Project so the remaining sections of the project along the southern coastal corridor from Ha Tien to Rach Gia can be completed. The loan is planned for 2014.                                                                                                 VNS (English edition I-2013-VEM)
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