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A solution for the drought in California


   The severity and impact of the drought remains top-of-mind among Californians. They are eager for long-term solutions that can help the state to achieve a water-secure future.  According to a statewide survey released today by Xylem Inc, California residents are overwhelmingly supportive of using treated wastewater, or recycled water, in their everyday lives. The survey found that 76% of respondents believe recycled water should be used as a long-term solution for managing water resources, regardless of whether or not a water shortage continues.

A security guard walks the perimeter of the Almaden Reservoir on Jan. 28, 2014, in San Jose, California. One year later, the California drought has only gotten worse

   Nearly half, or 49% of respondents, are very supportive of using recycled water as an additional local water supply and another 38% are somewhat supportive.  The survey defined recycled water as former wastewater that has been treated and purified so that it can be reused for drinking purposes.  Of survey respondents, 42% are very willing to use recycled water in their everyday lives and an additional 41% are somewhat willing.  These findings confirm that there is a significant number of Californians who support the use of recycled water.

   Based on experts’s evaluation, the state has the opportunity to champion a flexible framework that recognizes the unique needs of local communities as they work to establish water resource strategies that include sustainable solutions, such as recycled water.

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