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The 13th Việt Nam - Korea Environment Ministers Meeting Renew thinking and implementation method for better cooperation efficiency and effectiveness


   On March 29, 2017, the 13th Việt Nam - Korea Environment Ministers Meeting was taken place. The Vietnamese Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Trần Hồng Hà and Korean Minister of Environment Cho Kyeung Kyu chaired the meeting.

The 13th Việt Nam - Korea Environment Ministers Meeting

   In 13 years of cooperation, the two parties have witnessed a comprehensive development of the special relationship between the Government of Việt Nam and the Government of Korea, including substantial investments of Korean enterprises in Việt Nam. In terms of environmental cooperation, the two parties have closely followed agreements and statements by high level leaders of the two countries to develop a relationship that promotes economic development and concentrates on environmental protection for sustainability.

    At the meeting, Minister Trần Hồng Hà highly appreciated the cooperation in improving environmental legal documents in Việt Nam, as well as exchanging and sharing of information and experience of both parties. The Minister also mentioned about the current trend of the world that is increasingly paying more attention to climate change and environment globally. Therefore, at this meeting, the two parties continue to exchange and cooperate to promote achieved results; at the same time to renew thinking and methods to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the cooperation between the two parties in the upcoming time.

Minister Trần Hồng Hà (left) gave a Vietnamese traditional pottery vase to Korean Minister Cho Kyeung Kyu 

   At the meeting, the two parties exchanged, discussed and agreed on some contents that should be promoted in the future, including: Developing and finalizing regulations and standards on wastewater, air emission and solid wastes; Implementing and expanding projects relating to wastewater and waste treatment technology transfer, projects on electricity generation from waste treatment process; Enhancing bilateral cooperation in biodiversity, development of green products and environmentally friendly products; Developing public - private partnership investment cooperation projects in the principle of mutual benefits, green growth and environmental protection; Organising training, capacity building programs on waste management, pollution control, environmental impact assessments... for Vietnamese staff.

   In addition to the environment sector, the two parties will promote the cooperation in other areas such as marine environment management, hydrology - meteorology and response to climate change. In particular, the two parties will cooperate to implement commitments in the Paris Agreement on climate change; implement statistics methods, greenhouse gas inventory, development of climate change scenarios...; continue to propose multi-purpose tasks and projects; mobilize a diverse variety of resources, including domestic and international resources such as Green Climate Fund, the Global Environment Facility… towards green economy and sustainable development■

Giáng Hương/VEM 

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