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Hòn Mun Marine Reserve


    Hòn Mun Marine Reserve located in Nha Trang Bay, it consists of islands such as Hòn Tre, Hòn Miếu, Hòn Tằm, Hòn Một, Hòn Mun, Hòn Cau, Hon Vung, Hòn Rơm, Hòn Ngọc and surrounding by waters. The area of ​​about 160km² covers about 38km² of land and about 122km² of water around the Islands.

    Nha Trang Bay is one of the most important areas for marine tourism in Việt Nam. Coral reefs are of international importance and biodiversity is the highest in Việt Nam with over 350 species of hard coral creating reefs, of which 40 are newly recorded for Việt Nam, over 230 species of reef fish, 112 mollusks, 112 crustaceans, 27 echinoderms, 69 seaweed species and 7 seagrass species...

Hòn Mun Marine Reserve viewed from above

    Survey results of biodiversity and habitat Marine Reserve protected areas indicate that Mun Island is home to the richest and most diverse coral reefs in Việt Nam. It is of international stature because it has a number of similar species in the world center for coral diversity in the Indian-Pacific region. In the black stone caves of Hòn Mun every year there are birds nesting to nest. Because the terrain of the Island is very close to the hot currents from the equator, it is suitable for the development of corals and many kinds of tropical sea creatures. The sea bottom of Hòn Mun area is a collection of rich and diverse marine organisms, a very interesting and interesting observation and research place for marine, oceanographic and visitors to find understand the sea. Arrive in Hòn Mun, visitors can scuba dive or go to the glass bottom boat to see colorful coral reefs with many different marine species.

    At Hòn Mun, in a depth of about 10m, you can admire the great view of the aquarium. You can delight in playing with all kinds of fish of all colors and colors. At present, Mun Island also has services on the bottom of the sea, couples who come here often to organize a wedding for themselves are unique and new. Blending with nature, they organized the most important day of their life with romantic, sparkling and fanciful scenery on the ocean floor. This is also a service that is attracting more and more young couples interested and learn. Although diving service has been developed and expanded in many sea resorts, Hòn Mun is still the most beautiful diving destination in the country. Mun Island has been leaving a good impression on visitors in and outside the country.

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