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Thứ Sáu, ngày 30/09/2022

Environment protection projects to get 3.6% loans


     The Viet Nam Environment Protection Fund has announced loans at 3.6 percent interest for environment protection projects, according to a media report. The loans would be for up to 10 years and worth 70 percent of the project cost.      The Fund, managed by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, will also give priority to projects to treat waste at industrial parks, factories and workshops, domestic waste, and exhaust emissions. Projects using environment-friendly and energy-efficient technologies and equipment are also eligible for the preferential loans. The loans could play a key role in the setting up of waste treatment plants at industrial parks.      Since it was established in 2002, the Fund has provided loans and grants worth VND1 trillion (US$ 46.083 million) for 184 projects in various sectors. Of them, 32 costing VND 383 billion involved building wastewater treatment plants at industrial parks in the central and southern regions.   Trần Tân
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