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The Minister of MONRE held a spring gathering meeting with international partners


   On February 2 in Hanoi, Minister of MONRE Trần Hồng Hà and Deputy Ministers Nguyen Linh Ngoc, Nguyen Thi Phuong Hoa, Vo Tuan Nhan chaired the spring gathering meeting with international partners. Nearly 100 delegates including ambassadors, representatives of embassies to Vietnam, bilateral organizations, experts working at MONRE participated in this meeting.

Minister Tran Hong Ha speaking at the meeting

   Speaking at the meeting, Minister Tran Hong Ha welcomed international counterparts and friends of MONRE for their attendance. The Minister delivered best wishes to international partners and their family with a healthy, lucky and happy year. According to the Minister, the year 2016 was remarked with significant goals in international cooperation in natural resources and environment sector. The most remarkable event is the join of Việt Nam in signing and approving the Paris Agreement on climate change as well as developing the national plan to implement this agreement.

Leaders of MONRE and international partners

   The Minister also delivered his sincerely thanks to international partners for their kindly supports in development and capacity building projects. So that MONRE can solve effectively issues on environment, responding to climate change in order to contribute to sustainable development of the country. For the missions on 2017, the Minister consider that this is a very important year.  The year that the whole natural resources and environment sector will have to reach the targets on effective management of natural resources and environment The Minister believes that international cooperation is a crucial factor to reach these goals

   According to long-standing hospitable tradition and culture of Vietnamese on the occasion of traditional holiday (TET), Minister Trần Hồng Hà and the Deputy Ministers invited international partners to join a warm party to welcome a new year bursting with friendship and cooperation as well as luckiness, happiness and prosperity.

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