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15th Anniversary of the establishment of the Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment Natural resources and environment sectors determined to reform and innovate to contribute to sustainable development


   On 5th August 2017, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) organized a ceremony of 15th anniversary of the establishment of the ministry (5/8/2002 - 5/8/2017).

   During its 15 years of establishment and development, the sector has spent a great effort to overcome challenges and difficulties to attain significant achievements, contributing to a common cause of the nation development. In the establishment phase of 2002 - 2007, MONRE quickly formulated its functional structure and gradually developed and completed institutions, policies and legal frameworks which were suitable for the nation’s integration process. Among the outstanding achievements are the development of Land Law 2003, Law on Environmental Protection 2005, revised Law on Mineral Resources and related regulations. These have created favorable conditions for socioeconomic development activities and enhanced state management of natural resource and environmental management. In particular, MONRE is one of the few ministries which pioneer in applying one stop shop and interrelated one stop shop, opening dialogues with the people and businesses and establishing natural resources and environmental communication channels with organizations and citizens.

  Minister Trần Hồng Hà makes speech at the ceremony 

   In the status establishment period of 2007 - 2011, taking advantages of solid foundation of state management from previous periods, MONRE established an important status in contributing to socioeconomic development of the country. With some breakthrough achievements in natural resources and environmental management, the sector has gradually increased its contribution and its comparative advantages in boosting an investment environment, in parallel with enhancing environmental protection and initially implementing the climate change response actions.

   In the period of enhancing connection and integrated management of 2011 - 2016, in addition to further completing natural resource and environmental regulations and policies, the revisions of technical laws on land, water resources, environment and natural resources and environment management of seas and islands as well as the collaborations among these areas have been boosted. This has been realized through the Communist Party’s 11th Central Standing Committee’s special resolution on continuing reforms of land administration policies and regulations towards a goal of being a modernization oriented industrialized nation by 2020 with proactive responses to climate change and natural resources and environment management enhancement.

Ceremony of the 15th anniversary of establishment of MONRE

   In his speech at the ceremony, Minister Trần Hồng Hà emphasized that MONRE has been constantly trying its best to accomplish the political tasks assigned by the Party, the Government and the people to make a significant contribution in socioeconomic development of the nation. In the meantime, Minister requested that in the period of 2016 - 2021, the natural resource and environment sector should gear up for the following priority tasks:

    First, completing organizational structure from national to local levels to ensure high effectiveness; training and improving capacity for the staff at the local level, promoting integrity, constructiveness, action oriented and being close to the people by being responsive to people and businesses’ ideas and requests; enhancing administrative disciplines and supervision and inspection in public servants’ performance.

   Second, advising the Government and the National Assembly for completing institution, mechanism and policy on natural resources and environment in line with domestic practice and international regulations. For the time being, focusing on a comprehensive assessment of regulation compliance to identify and address shortcomings in natural resources and environment regulations and policies; proposing new policies suitable for a development context.

   Third, strengthening and increasing effectiveness of supervision and inspection of natural resources and environmental compliance. This is an important ongoing task of all management areas by MONRE. In particular, it is necessary to increase effectiveness of cooperation between different levels in inspection to avoid overlaps.

Minister Trần Hồng Hà confers Prime Minister’s Certificates of Merits for individuals with outstanding achievements

   Fourth, focusing on administrative reforms, in particular improving land administration access index and public administration performance index (PAPI); improving quality of procedures and public services of the sector, publicize procedures, formulate the system of receiving review and feedback from citizens and businesses to evaluate administrative reforms and public service quality of agencies.

   Fifth, enhancing basic survey and investigation activities to provide input for developing strategies and plans for socioeconomic development of the country, and effective exploitation, use and protection of natural resources; focus on research and development to provide input for decision making; developing natural resources and environmental database, and increase forecasting capacity.

   At the ceremony, delegated by the State President, Minister Trần Hồng Hà conferred Labor Orders for Vice Minister Võ Tuấn Nhân, Vice Minister Nguyễn Thị Phương Hoa and former Vice Minister Chu Phạm Ngọc Hiển, a Labor Order Level Two for Legislative Department for outstanding contribution in period 2011-2016, and Certificates of Merit of National Emulating Officer for four exceptional individuals and Certificates of Merits of 10 outstanding individuals.

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