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Exploring the paradise islands in Việt Nam


     Việt Nam has thousands of large and small islands, and many beaches have been ranked on the Top beautiful beaches in the world by many international tourism magazines. Here is the list of "paradise" islands we must visit when in Việt Nam.

     Vân Đồn - Cô Tô with beautiful islands

     Located in the East and Northeast of Quảng Ninh, Vân Đồn - Cô Tô area owns beautiful islands and natural beaches including Quan Lạn - Minh Châu island, Ngoc Vùng island, Cô Tô island...

     In addition to the World Natural Heritage - Hạ Long bay, visitors can spend one to two days to visit and explore Cô Tô island with Vàn Chảy harbor, Hồng Vân, Bắc Vân, Cầu Mỵ or Cô Tô lighthouse ...

     Quan Lạn island has nearly 10 large and small beaches, including 4 largest wonderful beaches named Sơn Hào, Quan Lạn, Minh Châu and Cồn Khởi. Located near Sơn Hào beach, there is a round rocky beach called "Heaven Rock". The beaches on Quan Lạn island are also attractive to visitors with teambuilding activities or dinner galas, dinner parties in summer. Besides swimming, visitors can conquer the ocean waves by rubber boat which is really exciting.
     Cát Bà - Ngọc island: natural beauty between the Gulf of Tonkin 

     Cát Bà (Hải Phòng) is the largest of the 367 islands that comprise the Cát Bà archipelago. Cát Bà island itself is famous for harmony combination of mountains, forests, sea and deserted beaches. The climate here is cool for all year so that visitors can come here anytime.

     There are 3 beaches with the biggest one called Cát Cò 1 whose three surfaces surrounded by mountains. Cát Cò 2 and Cát Cò 3 are smaller but quite peaceful. Travelers can enjoy panoramic views of Cát Bà island and Lan Ha bay from high altitude; Explore the world biosphere reserve - Cát Bà National Park; Kayak at Lan Hạ bay; visit the Monkey island with small monkeys playing around. Cát Dưa beach on Monkey island is one of the ideal spots for guests to enjoy the sea or choose snorkeling tour to look at coral reefs. Enjoying the fresh seafood is one of the attractions for visitors to Cát Bà. You will love 7 dishes of “sam”, roasted salted mantis shrimp, green crab, “song” fish, squid…
     Cù Lao Chàm - Chàm island 
     Cù Lao Chàm (Quảng Nam) is about 15 km from Hội An, including 8 islands, which has been recognized by UNESCO as the World Biosphere Reserve. Lao island has Làng beach, Hương beach or Chồng beach, Bắc beach, located on the north side Chàm island. Now, there is a new road from Bãi Ông to Bãi Bắc.
     On Chàm island, visitors can not only experience scuba diving, but also enjoy the life of local people such as farming. Fresh water from streams flowing all day and night create a lot of fresh and delicious fruits, which can make many special dishes. 
     Kỳ Co island - pristine paradise in Quy Nhơn
     Located 25 km to the north-east of Quy Nhơn, Kỳ Co is located in Nhơn Lý island commune. Adjacent to sea on one side, the remaining three sides are mountains. K Co still has a wild and bold lyrical beauty. It is the perfect crystalline of blue sea, waves and clouds creating a strangely fascinated, captivates even the most discerning travelers. In Kỳ Co, tourists will be immersed with wild nature, clear blue water between the white sandy beaches, sunshine and have fun with friends on the "pool" made of the rock around. 
     Lý Son island 
     Lý Sơn (also known as Cù Lao Ré in Quảng Ngãi Province) is formed from the activity of volcanoes and coral reefs, creating many caves, beaches and volcanic craters... It holds important strategy on the East Sea of ​​Việt Nam. Lý Sơn island has a wild nature with magnificent scenery and volcanic geological values, as well as many historical and cultural relics such as Tò Vò gate, Quan Âm tower, Hang pagoda, Câu cave and National Flagpole at the top of Thới Lới mountain and some other temples...

Lý Sơn island (Quảng Ngãi Province)


     Côn Đảo island 
     If you love exploring, Côn Đảo (Bà Rịa - Vũng Tàu) is a place that you have to go once in a lifetime. Đầm Trầu beach is the most beautiful beach in Côn Đảo, like a yellow ribbon lacing the green carpet: half crossed the forest and half on the sea. A majestic rocky cliff and a gentle hill spreading to the edge of the water is like a friendly welcome to the tourists. The majestic impression of the mountain, the deep feeling of the sea and endless green of the mountain is the source of endless inspiration for anyone who comes to this place. Bảy Cạnh island is a place that you can explore when coming to Côn Đảo. In addition, you can learn the history of Côn Đảo through prison system, tiger cage, museum... Côn Đảo is also the conservation of vic.
     Phú Quốc island 
     Leading to the Top 3 tourist destinations in the winter by National Geographic, Phú Quốc (Kiên Giang Province) island owns beautiful beaches such as Sao beach, Long beach and dozens of other pristine beaches. Sao beach is considered as the most beautiful beach in Phú Quốc. The sand here is white and smooth as ice cream! With abundant seafood such as sea urchin, shellfish, snails, fish... and with wonderful experiences in Phú Quốc such as snorkeling, squid fishing, watching sunset at Dinh Cậu or exploring National Park, visitors can also explore pearl farming and buy pearl products, discover Phú Quốc fish sauce and enjoy Sim wine.
     Coming to Kiên Giang, visitors cannot ignore the opportunity to visit some beautiful islands such as Nam Du island, Thổ Chu island, Bà Lụa archipelago...
     Phú Quý island 
     Located about 120km from Phan Thiết City (Bình Thuận Province), Phú Quý island (also called Cù Lao Thu islet) attracts visitors by many romantic and pristine beaches such as Triều Dương bay, Dơi Dừa beach, Nhỏ beach - Gành Hang… Triều Dương bay has flat and wide sandy beach, clear water and a shady forest on the shore.
     It is a small island with an area of ​​only 16 km² but Phú Quý island has many temples, shrines with longstanding architectures such as: Linh Quang pagoda, Vạn An Thạnh pagoda in Tam Thanh commune, Thầy Sài Nại tomb, Bàn Tranh pagoda in Long Hải commune. Phú Quý island also has stunning coastal roads. In the early morning, you can go shopping at fish markets or use a canoe to visit the island to see fishing boats landed, buy fresh seafood and ask local people to make delicious dishes. King prawns and red groupers are specialties of the island that you must try! 


Hòa Trang, Hiền Nhâm

(Source: Vietnam Environment Administration Magazine, English Edition III - 2019)


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