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Chủ Nhật, ngày 26/06/2022

Việt Nam cracks down on poaching of migratory birds


     The Biodiversity Conservation Agency (BCA) under the Vitetnam  Environment Administration (VEA) is completing a draft directive on strengthening the management of migratory birds in Việt Nam for submission to the Prime Minister for approval.

     Deputy Head of the BCA Hoàng Thị Thanh Nhàn said the hunting and consumption of migratory birds has become serious in several parts of the country over recent years, damaging biodiversity and the environment, presenting a risk from epidemics, and affecting the delivery on international commitments in the East Asian-Australasian Flyway Partnership, to which Việt Nam is a member.

Cát Bà Island has been clear of birds due to the illegal migratory bird trappin

     The BCA recently held a technical meeting with bird preservation experts and representatives from the WWF and Vietnature to discuss how to protect wild birds, especially migratory birds.

     The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment have instructed relevant agencies to work with the People’s Committee of Hải Phòng on the matter.

     The Prime Minister has also required Hải Phòng to crack down on wildlife poaching, especially at the Cát Bà World Biosphere Reserve. Hải Phòng authorities have urged relevant departments, agencies, and units to determine the responsibility of individuals and collectives regarding the issue.

Hundreds of birds are caught in each trap

     Vice Director of Education for Nature Vietnam Bùi Thị Hà said that to curb and prevent illegal hunting, a combination of measures is needed, including better communications, increased public understanding, and an improved legal framework and better law enforcement. “Asking people not to hunt wild birds and remove trapping nets is not enough. Strict punishment of violators is needed. People must be shown the legal penalties they face if they are involved in illegal wild bird hunting and trading”, she said.

Bùi Hằng

(Source: Vietnam Environment Administration Magazine, English Edition I - 2021)

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