They spent the whole Sunday (31/3/2019) collecting and classifying the rubbish into 300 bags at Đá Đen Beach (Sơn Trà Peninsula). Because of rough terrain, the rubbish truck couldn't reach the site so they had to carry the bags to the collecting point.


People cleaned up rubbish at the Đá Đen beach (Sơn Trà peninsula)


    Even though Đá Đen is a small beach, large amounts of rubbish are being washed up on it. Despite working hard since early morning, the group was only able to deal with two-thirds of the rubbish on the beach and planned a second visit next weekend.

    Nguyễn Xuân Phú, a student at the University of Economics, said: "I'm really happy to be able to join this activity and help clean our environment. I want to show other people that collecting rubbish is not a trend but a movement".

    Võ Thành An, the Facebook account owner who made the call, said he had called for people to clean Sơn Trà Peninsula twice before and received great responses, especially from young people.

    He said: "I hope it will not end up being a trend to show off on Facebook. I hope it will encourage other people to act on their own and start their own cleaning campaign. We need real action to protect the environment".


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