The inspections can be conducted without notice to supply units if there are doubts of the quality of the water reported by authorised agencies, or after an environmental incident that might impact on water quality.Inspection units will be established in all cities and provinces nationwide to conduct regular inspections on the quality of water supplied to households from June next year. Via a circular, the Ministry of Health has mandated that the quality of water supplied to households in each locality be inspected at least once a year.


A resident in Long Đức District of Trà Vinh Province has to take water from lakes for daily use due to lack of clean water


   People’s Committees of cities and provinces were assigned to issue their own technical regulations on water quality for domestic use. The Committees were asked to guide the inspection on the water quality and allocate State funds to upgrade laboratory equipment at the local centres for disease control to conduct the tests.

   The centres for disease control would take responsibility for inspections at units that supply water to more than 500 households or have capacity of 1,000 cubic metres per day. For units with smaller capacity, the centres were asked to direct local health centres to do the work. Specialised agencies under the Ministry would collect the results of the inspections and report them to the ministry’s Department of Health Environment Management Agency.


 Nguyên Hằng (Vietnamnews source)

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