In cooperation with Hanoi People’s Committee, the Department of Transport and Department of Traffic Police of Hanoi, Itelco Technology JSC and FPT Group, Siemens has equipped the Phạm Hùng - Mễ Trì intersection with its state-of-the-art traffic control technology.


Traffic signal system at the intersection of Pham Hung - Me Tri, Hanoi


    The installation replaced the existing signal heads with Siemens Very-Low-Power signal heads. In comparison to the previously installed signal heads an exceptional overall power consumption reduction of roughly 70 % is achieved. In addition to the new traffic lights a compatible Siemens controller “sX” (Smart Crossing) was installed. A controller is always needed as a command platform for the signal heads. It ensures that the traffic lights are operating correctly, determines the length of the green and red times and takes care of the safe operation of the intersection. The sX controller is currently the most sophisticated controller the Siemens product portfolio offers. Various traffic detectors (e.g. induction loops, radar, video detection) can be connected to it that enable demand-based traffic control. Furthermore, it can be connected to other controllers at different intersection, which supports a holistic city traffic management system.

    Siemens is currently running this intersection as a pilot project – VAST (Video Analytics for Smart Traffic). As a next step the integration of video-based traffic detection is planned, which enables the preparation and implementation of optimized signal plans. This new solution is intended to be rolled out to other parts of the city to improve the overall traffic conditions of the capital city.


Traffic signal control cabinet is installed by Siemens Corporation


    Motorbike is the most popular mode of transport in Hanoi. Statistics show that more than 90% of the registered vehicles are motorbikes. During peak hours, the streets are congested by thousands of motorbikes per intersection. Siemens’ developed traffic control via video-analytics offers a customized solution for these conditions. Traffic is detected and traffic light timings adjusted accordingly throughout the whole city to allow best possible traffic flow. For example, during peak-hour morning traffic a green wave can be enabled in the main travel direction, whereas in the evening peak-hour the opposite direction can be prioritized. This increases traffic throughput at intersections and allows the traffic to flow through the city, lowering overall travel time as well as noise and air congestion. Furthermore, these improvements in traffic conditions will foster better discipline, encourage road safety in road users, and ultimately improve thequality of life for city dwellers.

    “Through close collaboration amongst Siemens and various parties, we are extremely proud to deliver such innovative and green traffic solutions to the city of Hanoi. This is the answer to the increasing demand of traffic management and environmental protection for the citizens.” said Dr. Pham Thai Lai, President and CEO of Siemens Vietnam.


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