HungHau Foods, a company based in Hồ Chí Minh City, currently makes 100,000 rice-flour straws a day at its plant in Sa Đéc, which is a city in Đồng Tháp Province. These eco-friendly straws have been introduced to such markets as South Korea, Japan, European countries and purchase deals have been signed, the executive revealed.

    In Việt Nam, many distributors have approached HungHau for an exclusive deal while high-end restaurants and hotels are the target segment.


Workers handle rice-flour straws at a plant in Sa Đéc City, Đồng Tháp Province


     General Director of HungHau Foods Company Võ Minh Khang said “I have been to many countries where environment-friendly products are favoured. My Company are good at making rice-flour products so we have researched and started production. It amazes me that consumers have responded so well to our straws”.

    HungHau Foods Company explored ways to make the rice-flour straws for one year before rolling them out four months ago. These straws can be kept at room temperature for 18 months whereas the duration will be shortened to 30-120 minutes when they are put in normal or cold water.

     The straws come in white taken from rice, green from amaranth spinach, purple from beetroot, and black from sesame seeds. They are eatable but the producer warns against consuming too many straws a day.

     Environmental protection has gained significant attention from both the people and the Government in recent times. Many initiatives and campaign have been launched to raise public awareness of the issue. Việt Nam was amongst the five countries that dumped the most plastic into the ocean, according to a 2017 report by Ocean Conservancy.

    Two metropolises of the Southeast Asian nation, Hố Chí Minh City and Hà Nội, alone get rid of about 80 metric tons of plastic a day, according to data from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.


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