Yên Đức village tourism is a unique tourism product, contributing to promoting the image of Vietnamese villages, especially connecting international tourists to heritage tours - the Natural Wonder Hạ Long Bay.

    Yên Đức is located in Đông Triều District, Quảng Ninh Province, about 2 km from National Road 18A. Nestled in vast paddy fields, Yên Đức village is almost separate from the bustling urban life. Like many other northern villages, Yên Đức also has bamboo ranges, straight areca rows, ancient houses, small ponds between the village, gentle farmers and children merry to play in a happy laugh.


Yên Đức village attracts many tourists with the peaceful natural scenscenery


    International tourists to Yên Đức tourist village admire and experience all production activities, daily activities of farmers. The most unique and interesting feature of community tourism is that visitors are guided by the farmers in Yên Đức village; directly go to cultivate rice, pound rice, throw fish and catch fish or grow vegetable beds by themselves... The experience that foreign tourists like the most in Yên Đức is to join in to catch fish, this job only for those who are quick-eyed, quick-handed and not afraid of mud and fear of dirt. Visitors after wearing protective gear and fishing gear will be waded into a shallow lake (in the countryside or "pond") that is stocked with fish. You need to be quick to see the fish between the mud and water, fast to catch the fish and must be strong to lift the fish out of the bag. Snuggling, catching fish is indeed a fun-filled experience and delight.


Tourists can experience the daily life of local farmers by being real farmers with many activities


   Tourists to Yên Đức often ride bikes to enjoy the fresh air, inhale the smell of new rice, cross the straight roads and scowl or crept through small lanes just enough to fit a bicycle. On that journey, visitors will meet on the way the grandparents who are looking after the children under the bamboo shade, listening to them say "Hello" with friendly waving hands, will visit the Temple of Cảnh Huống calmly where people are people find their place in sacred places or chat and listen to introduce about the traditional culture of Vietnamese people in houses over 100 years old. In addition, visitors can enjoy cultural activities, arts and folk games typical of the wet rice culture such as cheo singing, water puppet dance, singing Quan họ Bắc Ninh…


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